PRC 19712

PH – 0917.3665.917 | USA – 267.245.8529

Buyer’s Guide

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  1. Check your credit and assess on how much can you afford.
    • Good credit score and history will improve your chances of getting a home loan.
    • Don’t overreach. Keep your housing costs to 30% of your combined income
  2. Look for Homes
    • Let the fun part begin! Project presentation starts here, get to know the property features, inventory, financing scheme, etc
    • Visit the site with your broker for a better appreciation of the property, amenities as well as the location, routes, landmarks and nearby establishments.
  3. Reserve the Unit
    • The buyer chooses the preferred unit and completes all necessary forms.
    • Reservation Agreement and quotation sheet will also follow to formalize the actual sale
  4. Submit Requirements
    • The buyer is expected to complete all necessary requirements to acquire the property. Typically, the buyer needs to complete this in 30 days
  5. Move-In / Turn Over
    • Move in after everything is settled. Be mindful with the move-in fees. Once everything is good, move in and start making it your home

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